Prism III

Our third issue, Loyalty, is getting ready to be read. It's been great to have lots of help from Matthew Bartlett and Jonathan Marinus (they're now in charge of layout and artwork, respectively).

You'll likely have the paper edition in your hands in a couple of weeks. For now, just a few highlights:

  • Ambivalence, a neat story by Joanna Beresford, a local Masterton writer. Apart from being a mum, Jo is currently writing and trying to publish a novel based on actual Masterton history.
  • Some of Jason Flinn's amazing paintings, and an article by him about art and loyalty.
  • A review of The Godfather, by Daniel McClelland.
  • An interview about loyalty in a Maori context, with the Arahanga family.
  • The first Gardening with Madame Whitefly, a practical column by Janette Bartlett.


Arn't you just jumping on the p.c. bandwagon by publishing an issue based around this clichéd pablum? Many people are becoming justifiably apathetic to this platitude; especially when, for all the hype, it is not evident in society.

I eagerly await this issue in the hope that it will present an fresh view on this subject...

Posted by Jesse McCartney, 392 weeks, 6 days ago.

A definition of pablum for everyone else who had to look it up.

Posted by Bryan Hoyt, 392 weeks, 6 days ago.

Hmmm … I'm not quite sure what you're referring to, as the Bible seems to think loyalty is not a bad thing. So does Dave Dobbyn (who we were hoping to interview, but he didn't have time). Or were you thinking of the Maori loyalty thing? Might sound politically-correct, but it's just a casual, keep-it-real interview. One family's thoughts (our next-door neighbours, a neat family), who acknowledge they're speaking for themselves.

(BTW, good on you for getting the proper 'é' thing going. :-)

Posted by Ben Hoyt, 392 weeks, 6 days ago.


1) Do you subscribe to too?

2) I hope I'm not displaying temerity by suggesting you write an article on the topic for Prism. It could be entitled, Loyalty: A Cliched Pablum? You could be a luminary in the field of anti-political-correctness and restore the equipoise of New Zealand society.

Posted by Tim, 391 weeks, 6 days ago.