Ben Hoyt’s Resume/CV

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I’m a software engineer with twenty years of experience developing web applications and services, as well as providing technical leadership for small teams of software developers.

I’m fluent in Go, Python, C, SQL, HTML, and English. I’ve also written a good amount of JavaScript, C++, and x86 assembly. I learn quickly, care about detail, and love computer science and mathematics.

I live in New Zealand, but have dual NZ / U.S. citizenship. I lived and worked in New York City from 2010 to 2019, and I’m open to remote work and some travel.

Skills: what I do…

Software development

Technical leadership


Canonical – Senior Software Engineer and Engineering Manager – Sep 2020 to now

Compass – Senior Software Engineer – Mar 2018 to Aug 2020:

Jetsetter / TripAdvisor – Principal Software Engineer – Jul 2016 to Feb 2018: / TripAdvisor – Software Engineer and Technical Manager – Jun 2010 to Jun 2016:

Brush Technology – Software Engineer and Co-director – Aug 2006 to May 2010:

Harvest Electronics – Software Engineer – Oct 2002 to Jul 2006:


I have a B.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2002 with first class honors, GPA 7.9/9. For my final-year project I designed a small stack-based CPU in VHDL.

About me

I have also discovered a truly marvelous proof of Hofstadter’s Law, but unfortunately this margin is too narrow to contain it.

My dad taught me how to program by teaching me the Tao of Forth. Two of my first projects were writing a Forth compiler in x86 assembly, and then writing a small 32-bit OS in my Forth. I love things small, fast, and light – and that’s paid off during my career.

Other than that, I enjoy reading and writing, and I once edited a small print magazine. I’m into unicycling, typography, and piano. I love my wife and family. I aim to keep the commandments, but you may find me breaking the conventions.