Front cover of Issue 5

Issue 5, Jan 2007

Urban or rural? Or maybe both?

Is there something about the city that draws people into its busy pace? Why do so many urbanites secretly (or not so secretly) want to find a nice place in the country? And why is Paradise called the Garden of Eden, but Heaven is a city – the New Jerusalem?

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Update, Sep 2007: Mrs Bartlett’s yummy toasted muesli recipe is now online.

What’s in this issue

FrontFrom the EditorBen Hoyt
LocaleJust a big country townDeborah Evans
FeatureLand valuesTim Sterne, Jonathan M.
TheologyMusings on urban/rural theologyAndrew Nugteren
HistoryWorkers unite, farmers fight!Ben Hoyt
HistoryXerxes can’t sleepLauretta Duinkerke
GardeningWatering, feeding, pests and diseasesJanette Bartlett
SportEastside, Westside or countryside?Tim Sterne
PeopleWendell Berry, geniusHans Snoek
StoryThe tale of Johnny Town-mouseBeatrix Potter
PoetryNinetieth birthdayR. S. Thomas

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FoodMrs Bartlett’s toasted muesliJanette Barlett